Tuesday, December 10, 2013


               Following a most impressive demo cassette in earlier 2013, METHMOUTH offered a limited number of cassettes as a preview to their full length album “Bleach Bath”.    I only found out about this because after getting their demo, I was signed up for their mailing list which actually still uses the post office.

                There is no real mention of this tape or info about it on the METHMOUTH Band Camp page, but that makes it all the more awesome for me.   To simply know about the existence of this tape, be able to be one of the lucky few to purchase it and own it and now think of it as sort of a legend… It’s kind of neat.

                It’s that intimate and sort of special feeling that is missing in a lot of music these days, not just as the songs and all go, but just with the fan interaction and feeling like the band is actually made up of real people.  When I was a teenager, I remember mailing the shipping cost to the Smashing Pumpkins to send me a lyric sheet and it just felt so special (Though I highly doubt Billy Corgan was sending them out personally)

                This is more power violence that obliterates the line between hardcore and punk.  Oh yeah, and some of these songs are recorded live as well, which just sound stellar.   If you don’t have this, you’re going to have to search for it. 

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