Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: LOCI “Into Blindness” (Haute Magie)

                What is ambient?  What is noise?  What is dark ambient?  Is there such a thing as dark noise?  Most of these questions cannot be answered by me if only because, to paraphrase Roddy Piper, whenever I think I know the answers they change the questions.

                This tape is moody.   This tape is dark.   And why not, this tape is ambient.   I feel like ambient music creates a mood, but this doesn’t create a mood so much as it envelopes you in whatever you are doing. 

                I can only think of two ways to explain the sound of this cassette and one involves Kurt Cobain, so I shall go with the other.

                This tape is a can of gasoline.  Not literally, but that is the sound it makes.   It makes the sound of a can of gasoline with a slow leak.    As you play this album, it spills out.  All over you.  All over the room.  All over anything that gets in its way.

                When you reach the end and that auto-stop kicks in, that’s the match. 


                Eject.   Flip.   Do it all over again.   Explode  a little bit every night.

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