Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Desert of Hiatus “Compendium” (Bridgetown Records)

                In the tradition of Kevin Greenspon and Chasms, Desert of Hiatus releases what is kind of like a cassingle, but only in the sense that it is one song per side.

                Now though it only has one song title per side, it does have pauses during the sides, as if for differentiating between the tracks, but I don’t know why.  

                These songs are not your typical instrumental ambient because even though they are instrumental they’re not so much ambient.   They have what I like to call the piano of doom, which can commonly be heard during bands like Allison Ranger, Brazil and Murder by Death.

                This is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, then guitar notes ala Smashing Pumpkins on the b-side, and it can get distorted and pretty crazy like Hendrix but mostly just keeps a mellow mood which I’m entirely digging. 

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