Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Underground Youth [Interview # 159]

1) With a name such as “The Underground Youth”, do you feel that with 
the internet and so much social media these days it is still possible 
for a band to be underground?

- The name of the band came from an early song I wrote before this 
project had a name. At the time I hadn't thought about the links it 
could have to music or bands being 'underground'. Social media makes the 
spread and promotion of music easier but you will still find that 
internet communities and scenes of music along with bands find it easy 
to stay 'underground', as much as it ever has been this is still a 

2) I feel that the better bands are from outside of the United States. 
Why do you feel that is?

- I don't necessarily agree. Some of my favourite bands are from the 
U.S. These things go through waves, all dependent on where a scene is 
developing and how and when you discover a band or scene, peoples 
opinions will differ from country to country.

3) Most of your albums are available on record. Are there any plans for 
a cassette release one day?

- Sure, I think we're releasing a cassette in the near future.

4) Having self-released five albums, what was it like going to Fuzz Club 
Records for your newest release? Have you found the process to be 

- Fuzz Club had already re-released 'Delirium' and 'Low Slow Needle' on 
vinyl and have already helped us out with equipment and touring etc. But 
the process in terms of recording is no different. Although this was the 
first time I recorded an album knowing it was going to be pressed on 
vinyl for the release, I think this influenced the way I structured the 

5) Your new album is titled “The Perfect Enemy For God”, which would 
simply be The Devil, however, since God loves everyone and all that, God 
really has no enemies, so how does that work?

- I'm an atheist, and I disapprove of religion. The title is a reference 
to a line in a song from the album, essentially it's about mankind being 
the perfect enemy for God.

6) If you could bring any two bands with you and tour the U.S. who would 
you choose to bring with you?

- There's a lot of really great bands in Europe right now. We've had the 
pleasure of playing with a few that also feature on the Fuzz Club roster 
such as Dead Rabbits and The Wands. I'm sure we'd have a pretty good 
time with those guys.

7) Final thoughts, plugs, etc…??

- There's only a few copies of 'The Perfect Enemy…' left on vinyl, 
they're available to buy from Fuzz Club Records - 

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