Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reighnbeau [Interview # 158]

1)      Your name is one that kind of caught me off guard at first, but then I realized it was just a different spelling of “Rainbow”.   Is this done just to mess with people?  Do you end up on show flyers, etc. as “Rainbow”?

Haha, no it isnt just to mess with people, I think originally I was throwing around the idea of 'Rainbow'  almost as a joke, (not knowing of the Dio band at the time)  but with the help my friend Joe ended up with 'REIGHNBEAU'  which I am still quite happy with.  
Yes, it is CONSTANTLY misspelled on flyers.  Not often (or ever?) as rainbow, but many other strange variations.  When I am on tour it can be challenging because people are always casually asking the name of my band, and I have to explain the spelling and all.  Last year I even made a card because i was having to write it down for so many people.  

2)      You are from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Have you ever considered moving or just billing yourself as being from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?

I have not, I have not spent much time in T or C, other than passing through a gas station, though I have heard they have a good art scene for being such a small town!

3)      One thing I’ve noticed that I like about your music is that it’s all up for a name your price download on Band Camp, but then if it’s not sold out most of it can be purchased physically.  This follows my theory that people should be able sample music before they commit to buying it, and thus when people download your music for free and like it, they’ll pay you the monies by buying some tapes.  People say this isn’t fair because then not all songs that get made get money, but if it helps bands like Hoobastank to stop making music I’m all for it.  Your thoughts?

Well, I have always thought that I would want someone to have my music rather than not, especially if money is the deal-breaker.  Having a physical object feels especially important in this day of digital music, as at times they can be a rare thing.  I try to offer my releases physically whenever possible, and am very glad to still be able to share them digitally if they should sell out.  

4)      I actually found out about you by buying a package deal through Bridgetown Records, which contained your cassette.   (It’s in a line of tapes I need to review still, for the record) What is it like being a part of the Bridgetown family?

It is great!, Kevin is an amazing friend who does so much for all the music he releases.  I am very grateful to be a part of it, so many people who would have never heard my music have as a result, and that feels great.  I have met many amazing people through the resulting network of friends and musicians.   Kevin and I are on a 4-way split 7" that was just released yesterday via Family Time Records, another bridgetown artist and friend 'Torn Humorist' is on the split as well!  http://familytimerecords.tumblr.com/shop

5)      On the note of cassettes, I feel like I was never really that cool music nerd who was into records, but when the idea of cassettes coming back was presented to me I jumped all over it.   Do you feel the best way to experience music in a non-live setting is with the constant shock of a tape stop to indicate Side A is done?

I enjoy tapes for their analog sound, the physical aesthetic, the plastic box in my hand.  It requires a different patience to listen to a tape, it is a unique experience.  Although I do not always take advantage of it, I enjoy the way that having to split in album into to parts (side and side b) can change the way a group of songs or album is arranged, It opens up different creative possibilities.  I know that having an A side and B side on LPs used to influence albums a lot more before CDs came along, allowing for the songs to be in one big chunk.  I also enjoy listening to vinyl, which might be my preferred way to experience music?  But due to cost, vinyl has not often been a viable option for releasing my music, so cassettes have been the natural next choice.  

6)      At what point do you start your own tape label and join the Cassette Mafia?  I’m sure you and Kevin Greenspon have talked about it.

I have self released my own tapes for years now, I was involved with the (now defunct) tape label 'Featherspines' for some time, which was a great learning experience.  It was really the love child of my friend Daniel though, I have always been a little too caught up in trying to make and release my own music to have the time necessary to run a label myself...  I have my own imprint,  'label'  called 'Grey', that I release my music on, and I have also done a release for 'Mariposa'.  Kevin and I have not discussed starting a cassette mafia, though I have been very glad to collaborate with him on the releases I have done through Bridgetown.  

7)      Final thoughts, plugs, etc…??
Listen to REIGHNBEAU.  I have several new releases out that I am excited about, a new 4-way split 7" record on Family Time Records,  and a few new tapes! (Also shirts).  Support your local music scene.  Listen to tapes.  Eat kale.  Drive like Jehu.  Thank you for getting in touch!

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