Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Natasha Kmeto “Crisis” (Dropping Gems)

                At first, the songs of Natasha Kmeto seem to be instrumental, but eventually they do gain some vocals.   When the vocals are present, I am hesitant to call this seapunk but it does remind me in a lot of ways of .jpeg Artifacts.

                The smooth vocals of Kmeto flow nicely over new wave type beats, a general R&B sound and what in its simplest and most vague way would be referred to as “experimental electronic” music.

                A lot of the reason why I like tapes, and listening to them versus other mediums for music, is that I have a great association quality with them.  When I was growing up and first into music, I had tapes from all over the spectrum: from rock to rap.   As I got older, the rap faded while the rock seemingly won out in the land of CDs.

                Listening to this tape though brings me back to the time when I was first listening to cassettes by PM Dawn and TLC.   I wish I could say I recall listening to Salt N Pepa on cassette, but I do not.  

                I would like this music regardless of how it was first introduced to me, but the fact that it is coming out of my speakers by the power of cassette just makes me like it that much more.

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