Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Inner City “Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music” (Fort Evil Fruit)

                Some bands defy being written about.   Often it is because I do not want to write about them, but every once in a while there comes a band that I just simply cannot describe with words.   Such is the case with Inner City, as this unique blend on electronic static mixed with dark ambient music is doing things quite unlike anything else I’ve ever heard before.

                But there are certain things in life that just are what they are and cannot be elaborated on any further.   If you need an example, just try explaining to someone what the color blue looks like without using the word “blue”.   Being a primary color, it’s quite hard to establish the boundaries of something like blue without using blue as a reference point.

                The same can be said for the music of Inner City.  We can establish that it is instrumental, sure, as there are not vocals.  But then what?  It’s ambient to an extent, but it can also have a more upbeat tempo.  At times it can sound very dark, yet at other times it can sound like aliens are landing. 

                Really, my best suggestion is just to listen to this music for yourself and find the good in it that I can see.   This especially sounds excellent on cassette, though at times I keep thinking the side will end and then another song pops up. 

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