Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[RECORD REVIEW] bloody knives “DEATH” (Saint Marie Records)

                When it comes to bands, there are very few these days that I feel like I am a completist with, but Bloody Knives is definitely one of them.    I have all of their music up until this point, and a lot of it has been available to download for free from their Band Camp.

                Look, I’m not going to tell you about the music on this record.   Either you know Bloody Knives and you love them or they’re not for you.   If you don’t know them or you don’t like them, then I’m highly suspect as to what brings you to my neck of the woods.

                After several free releases (digitally) I felt like I owed it to the band to dish out the money for this record.   Even though it took much longer to come, I also opted for the red vinyl. 

                For me, this record isn’t about the music so much as it is about the love of the band.    When I was much younger, I found this band via their CD that I really loved and they were from Massachusetts so I was able to see them play quite often.   One time, I remember going to their merch table and seeing a 7” for sale.

                At that time, I didn’t own a record player, but I already owned their CD, bought a patch, some buttons and a t-shirt, so it was really the only piece of merch they had on that table that I didn’t own.    On top of that, the record contained songs that were not on the CD.   I threw caution to the wind, figuring not having a record player would work itself out down the line, and just bought it.

                The idea that there could possibly exist such a person in a similar scenario in Texas right now, with this record, is mind shattering to me.     But if you’re reading this right here and now on Raised by Gypsies, then I fully expect that you are already a fan of Bloody Knives and you should already own this record, whether you have a means to play it or not.  

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