Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lullatone [Interview # 147]

 1)      Japan seems to be a country in many ways that never stops moving.  How is it to create an ambient sound of music while everything seems to constantly be go go go?

When I first moved to Japan I was really surprised by the amount of people who were literally (like, literally "literally") running everywhere - to every train, to every meeting, from their offices at exactly noon to try to beat the lines at lunch.
I don't think our music is ambient. But, hopefully our songs are kind of calming. Having said that, I am always in a hurry myself, unfortunately. It is great for productivity, but sometimes you just have to slow down.

2)      What does the term ambient mean to you, as it relates to music?

I think that Brian Eno said that it has to be as ignorable as it is interesting. Isn't that great?!

3)      What bands would you say are essential for the ambient listener to hear?

I don't know so much about ambient music. But, we usually listen to music in the background when we cook dinner.
I really like my friends Michael's podcast of Afropop.
Yoshimi is always listening to Harry Nilsson.

4)      Do you feel as if ambient music can be both boring and good?

I think that ignorable and boring are pretty different.Boring sounds like there is something in it the turns you away. Ignorable means that you don't mind letting it follow you around, you just keep it in the background

5)      Your t-shirts are sold out.  Will more be made available soon?

Not for now. Maybe one day though. We are both really picky about clothes and haven't thought of a new design that we7d like to wear yet.
I think that clothing design should be different from album design.

6)      You have physical releases of your music on CD, but will there ever be cassettes or records?
I really like records. But, we've had terrible luck with getting them pressed in the past. I have a box of one of our 12 inches hidden our closet because I am embarrassed by way the mastering on it turned out.

7)      Final thoughts, plugs, anime suggestions, etc…??

Present & Correct's blog is always the best

and everything Frank Chimero writes is incredibly inspiring too

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