Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Pilgrimage EP (Swan City Sounds)

                During the first of the five songs on Pilgrimage’s self-titled EP I was jotting down constant notes, trying to figure out what this band was going to sound like.  I had post math rock, instrumental and even post punk as some options.  

                I heard a horn that carried a melody and that also brought out something along the lines of Thursday, Thrice or Coheed.  I didn’t quite feel it as being as heavy as those bands though, particularly Thrice.

                And then the second song kicks in.   And the vocalist begins scream-speaking ala mewithoutYou and other bands I love.   So, yes, this goes along the lines of those bands I want to create a name for their genre but it is also fairly music heavy which is a nice touch.  

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