Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letting Up Despite Great Faults [Interview # 148]

1)      Your latest album is titled “Untogether”.  Isn’t that just another way of saying “Apart”?
Sure, but when you're actually saying untogether I really feel like you're emphasizing the together part, making you long for that feeling more than just saying 'apart.'  
2)      Your music has been described as a sonic diary.   If my diary was ever presented as music it would be described as “realistic horror”.  Do you care to produce it?  It’s the type of music that’d make your face melt off if you heard it, as is my diary, my dreams.
Let's get started.  
3)      “Untogether” was released on red vinyl.  Any plans for different colored vinyl for different records in the future?  Will there be a rainbow theme?
I would actually love to do a different color for each release, just to give it some uniqueness and place in the discography. 
4)      You are from Austin, the city which has a lot that’s been said about it.  Have you ever gotten on the wrong Dillo?
Funny b/c none of have taken the Dillo. Daniel and Kent bike everywhere, and I usually will just walk it out - downtown isn't very big.  
5)      Is your name a reference to the earthquake faults in California that will inevitably make that state into an island/underwater destination?
No but it should be now. 
6)      If new wave music has been around since the 1980’s, is it really new anymore?
That is a ridiculous question,
7)      Final thoughts, plugs, etc…??
We are writing heavily but playing out every now and again so we don't get rusty. Our next show is at Stubb's in Austin Sep 28.  We also have a new music video that came out for "Details Of My World" - you can watch here (Preview)

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