Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brahms [Interview # 149]

1) Your music can be described as ambient, which according to Band Camp is when sounds come together to "evoke an atmospheric, visual or unobtrusive quality". Couldn’t that really be said about most all music though? What does the ambient label mean to you?

I feel as if music genres are generally subjective and its not really a matter of fitting music to any specific genre or vice versa. Its more about describing a mood and if shuffling Brahms into the "ambient" genre helps people get closer to that mood then that is where it belongs.

2) Cassettes are my preferred method of listening to music, probably because I was an 80’s baby, and your album "shimmer//suffocate" is available as a cassette. Would you also say that cassettes are the best?

My favorite physical format is and has always been the cassette tape. I like vinyl but don't collect it, CD's are okay sometimes, and digital is pointless as an enjoyable listening medium. Anything that has ever been put out with the Brahms name attached to it has been on cassette tape. From my solo recordings, collaborations and compilation tracks, Brahms lives on tape.

3) Your Band Camp says "all these things that haunt me" as a description. I know with some people, it might be scary to get that deep. Are there ever times when you have to sort of censor yourself, as if to say, "No, society isn’t ready for that now"? (I once dreamt of the end of the world and people aren’t ready to hear that story yet)

all these things that haunt me, yeah, that's basically all that Brahms is. All of the past and the present always in my mind, always wearing me down always haunting me. No thoughts of the future or what that would bring. The sounds that come from working on Brahms were never meant to be a public project. Its not for people to listen to and enjoy, its me dealing with all of the issues in my head and heart. Its a arduous thing but its necessary for me to survive.

I don't censor myself in a sense that its never really thought of from outside of my own perspective. I let out a moderate amount of distress and anxiety, just enough to keep me from boiling over and selfishly that's all that matters to me.

4) You have a song on the Juniper Tree Songs compilation "Tribute Hearse", and with that and Bridgetown, have you ever thought of going the route of Nicole Kidman or Vehicle Blues and starting your own label? Would that then, in fact, make you a member of the Cassette Illuminati, if you were to begin a cassette label?

Haha, I actually have been working on a D.I.Y. label for the past few years. It usually takes me a very long time to accomplish things because I work very intuitively, so it has to feel right or be the right time to work on any certain thing. And yes they are secretly gathering and working on a D.I.Y/lo-fi cassette tape NWO, but I cant really talk about that.

5) Has there ever been any talk of bands like you, Kent State, Torn Humorist, Kevin Greenspon, Shivering Window, Vehicle Blues, Nicole Kidman and others that seemingly crossover throughout the tape labels coming together for one giant nationwide tour ala Vans Warped Tour only, you know, with better music?

If there has been talks about that sort of thing I have not been privy to it. For most of us these are really personal projects that just happen to have a small community behind them. For me its not about touring or making music for public consumption or playing live shows, I hate that stuff.

That being said if there were some strange/large hodgepodge super tour I would like it to be called "D.I.Y. Losers and Winners Tour" because I think that accurately reflects what D.I.Y. is now.

6) Final thoughts, questions, plugs, etc…??
"Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied."

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