Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Awake! Awake! [Interview # 125]

1)     Would you ever tour or do a split with a band called The Alarm Clocks?

Absolutely. But never The Snooze Buttons or any other nemesis of our namesake.

2)     How is it that y’all are from Nashville, but not country and/or western?

We only stay indoors and observe the natives from our windows.

3)     What does the term ambient mean to you in relation to music?

To us, it just relates to putting a focus on the atmosphere.  Ambient songs are large-sounding, vibe-setting music.  They're very moody and score-like with a ton of reverb on the track.

4)     Do you find that ambient music which is boring is doing something wrong?

It just depends.  We really love our melodies.  Some artists write songs totally based on lyrics with minimal instrumentation.  It’s just a different style and people enjoy that as well.  It’s just not our cup o' tea.  We want to create interesting soundscapes that have great melodies built on top of them.

5)     Who are some of the musicians you feel people who should listen to right now if they want to hear the best representation of ambient music for the first time?

Artist: BT, Album: "This Binary Universe”
Artist: C418, Album: "Minecraft Volume Alpha"
Artist: Sigur Ros, any of their albums.

6)     Your new album is called “Future Fire”, but there’s this dog in a trenchcoat that told me how to prevent fires, so does that mean there really aren’t fires in the future?

Wait...I think you just rolled Smokey The Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog into one...not that that wouldn't be awesome!

Sadly some still will not listen to McSmoke The Bear Dog. Heed his words, for he is a true prophet!

7)     Final thoughts, shout outs, snooze button jokes, etc…??

We'd love for you to hear our record!
Also, 50% of the profit from it will go directly to charity.

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