Friday, July 12, 2013

SBSR: Ask For Joy “Pins and Needles”

<1> “Narcan” – The only song title MS Word doesn’t recognize with spell check begins with a guitar flurry.    Then we get a bunch of synth and vocals.   This could be Green Day in some ways.   The synth definitely just goes on and on as one note, but does that make it drone?   And now we’re getting some Breakfast Club vibes, which is nice.  Just after the two minute marker, the song resets itself.   Okay, all I can hear on the PC is bass.  It sounds like a damn hip hop song so I have to switch back to the laptop.   “Your dreams, your hopes have all been crushed”.  Yeah, pretty much.  I don’t hear Green Day as much in this now, haha.  I think he just said “Narcan”, so perhaps I should google it.   And apparently, Narcan is a medicinal drug.   I’m not going to bother reading what it treats or I’ll want it.   The best part about being smarter than doctors and a better actor than Cary Grant: I can pretty much get any drug I want if I divulge the proper symptoms. 
<2> “Euphoric” – This title is a cross between Europe, phorensics and Ric Flair.  Wooooooo!!!   Okay, this is really coming off in that new wave/shoegaze way.  I’ve heard The Consolation Project do this before.  I wonder if bands that sound somewhat similar know each other.  This has a steady start and stop drum beat, dreamy synth and vocals about loving it when he feels euphoric.   I will now wait for some screamocore band to make a song called euphoricflair.   As I listen to the chorus, this may actually be closer to synth pop or even dream pop.  What do you get when you combine synth pop with dream pop?  Is that a name for that micro dissected genre yet?  If not, I suggest drynth.  It could totally be a word.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever said this about a song before or not, but I could also see goth kids dancing to this song.   It’s has that “Hi! I’m kind of upbeat but really a downer” feel to it.   You know, he’s singing about being happy when he feels euphoric, which could be interpreted as drug use as well, but he doesn’t actually say in so many words that he is happy.
<3> “Room At the Top” – Enter Tom Petty.  I have not yet, though I should, looked at the tracks on Tom Petty’s greatest hits album and lined it up with bands of the shoegaze variety that should cover them.   That could be the sort of popular version of the Tom Petty covers CD, and then we could done with the lesser known but equally good Tom Petty songs.   I think it’d work.  Maybe it could even be a double disc?  Who can say where my ideas will take me, other than the track listing for said greatest hits.   We also just need a clever name that combines shoegaze with Tom Petty or one of his song or album titles.  Instead of “Full Moon Fever”, we would do “Full Gaze Fever”, you know.  Something along those lines only, um, good.   I just realized I have two flash drives plugged into my laptop.  I hope it doesn’t explode with awesomeness.   But if he has a room at the top tonight and he ain’t coming down, is this song also about drugs?
<4> “She’s Bleeding From Everywhere” – This song sounds like Tom Petty more than the one before it that was Tom Petty, haha!   And for the Tom Petty covers album, we need to incorporate “Damn the Torpedoes!” into it somehow.   In the chorus, he actually sings the title of this song, which is pretty cool.  Now that he did that, this song just makes me think of Pulp Fiction.  Okay, I have to ask it: Why is she bleeding from everywhere?  Is this song about menstruation?  If not, can there be an Ask For Joy album about going through puberty?  Some kids might like that.  I can pretty much guarantee you that Justin Bieber would love to hear it and understand it one day.  Also, if you were bleeding from everywhere, wouldn’t you just bleed out and die?  I mean, isn’t it kind of like the same thing as exploding in some way?   I imagine it wouldn’t take more than a few seconds for all of your blood to leave your body if you were bleeding from everywhere.   Where’s a hobo when you need one.
<5> “Requiescat” – This song was originally called “Something in the Air” but was changed for legal reasons.    Umm, yeah, only four of the five songs made it from PC to laptop, so I’ll be back when I fix this mess.    And I’m just going to listen to this on the PC to save time and all that.    This song is starting off slower but with big drum beats here and there.  Like Tom Petty’s pulsating heart.  Now it’s kicking in at a moderate pace.   This must be the mallard.   No, wait, I’m being told the word I’m looking for is ballad. 

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