Friday, July 12, 2013

SBSR: Alert New London “Gold EP”

<1> “Nosferatu” – This is my first time hearing this band, which used to be true with just about every band, but so many of my friends have been putting out music this year.   It’s starting like some new wave rock or The Cure.   Now with the vocals it really sounds like an existing band, I just can’t place who yet.  It’s kind of like Anberlin.   It’s almost like a shoegaze version of Anberlin, but it’s also very much like a version of Anberlin in general.    Now we’re getting trance.   That was a very non-Anberlin thing to do, but then the song comes back like Anberlin.  And apparently this guy is not in love.   So, New London is a city in CT, true story, but I’m not sure if this band chose their name based upon it. 

<2> “Gold” – This song reminds me that I really need to make a genre name for what it sounds like when 311 covered The Cure.    This doesn’t sound nearly as much like Anberlin, but there is still a little hint of it in some way.   Anyone else remember that band Slow Coming Day?  It’s that time frame Tooth & Nail band sound on this song.   There was also a band that is coming out in here from that time and they were called Watashi Wa.  I doubt they still exist though.   If they do, would someone drop me a line and let me know?

<3> “Rubber Tongue” – This song comes out with a drum beat and it’s upbeat.  It reminds me more of a band like Ask For Joy than the previous mentioned bands.   It’s also a nice change of pace from the first two songs on this EP because I was about to write this band off if this song sounded too similar to those.  It also gets these sort of record skips sounds in it and now it’s getting all screechy crazy as we approach the end.   This single song might have just saved this EP for me. 

<4> “Tarantula” – And we begin with a climb.  A climb into A Flock of Seagulls perhaps.   And now we’re getting some most awesome synth-bass-fuzz, which is just making this song.  This just crossed over into I’m not sure what and I love it.   This is just such a fun synth pop type of song.

<5> “Zero = Pure Vision” – And we continue with the synth fuzz that goes pop.   This EP has improved drastically since the first two songs.  If you had told me during the first two songs that this was what to come I wouldn’t have believed you.  But now I’m glad that I made it here, to the eyes of God. 

<6> “Multiples” – This is a lighter sort of pop rock song.  It’s almost like the ballad to close out the EP.  It reminds me of Observer Drift in a lot of ways.  

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