Tuesday, July 16, 2013

INTERVIEW: Dana Fowler And The (Dana Fowler)

(Please Note: This interview was conducted via Facebook messaging, so instead of saying "8)", Facebook made an emoticon I decided to leave in here for the sake of being accurate)

1) Obviously, with a name like yours I have to ask you why you chose to end it the way that you did. When I first found your band, I thought that Band Camp had made an error and your name was actually “Dana Fowler And The Horror Story” and your album was self titled. Did you really just kind of do this to fuck with people?
2) One of the benefits of your name, to me, is being able to make cool album titles. IF you had to choose one of these album titles to go alongside your name which one would you choose and why? a) “Missing Piece” b) “Fabulous Fowlerettes” c) “Giant Peach”
3) Now, this has been happening seemingly more lately (but still not enough, in my opinion), but you’re one of the few bands this year that I randomly clicked on from Band Camp and was just blown away by—literally floored (I have scrapes on my knees and elbows still) When “Horror Story” starts I was kind of on the fence until “The Beginning” kicked in and then I was like, “Holy crap this is good, why have I never heard of this before?” One of the more recent artists I remember feeling that way about is Lucia Lip, who just has that punk backing other rock music quality that you have. Do you feel like you’d have more success if people just knew about your band? I feel like you’re in a position where if people heard you, they’d like you, but perhaps people aren’t finding you because they’re too interested in their Taylor Swifts and… some other pop reference.
4) Are you as huge of a Stabbing Westward fan as I am? I think they are highly underrated. 
5) You have what I like to call the perfect set up in the sense that “Horror Story” is at a name your price download (So obviously, you download it for free or stream it for free to see if you like it) and then when you listen to it and fall in love, you can buy it on cassette. What was the choice with putting it on cassette (my favorite form of recorded music) as opposed to record or compact disc?
6) “Horror Story” is released through a label called everydayisamixtape. I really do feel like that sometimes and I feel like it would be beneficial to keep track of what songs are stuck in my head on any given day because weeks, months, years from now it would be better to look back at than half of what I write. I just don’t have the time to do this though. Do you keep track of songs stuck in your head, though, as the label name implies you should? If you don’t, would you do it and post it to my site once a month? Haha
7) You are my neighbor to the north because I, unfortunately, live in Connecticut and you are from Boston. I moved to Texas for eight years and now that I’m back it seems like the music scene here went to shit. Where’s Just Another Scene? Where are all the good shows and bands at? Am I just getting too old?
Final thoughts, ideas, questions, possible Stabbing Westward covers you might do, etc…???

I did not do this to fuck with people.
My actual name is Dana Fowler. There is nobody else in the band. It's "clever and ironic" that I name my "band" Dana Fowler "And The" because I'm a cosmic singularity.
I would choose Giant Peach, because there's a huge PUSSY connotation. (i'm sure you recognized the hip hop elements that I choose to weave into my album... zef2deth)
I feel like I'm in a position where if people heard me, they’d like me, but perhaps people aren’t finding me because they’re too interested in their Taylor Swifts and… some other pop reference.
I also feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.
nope. (but I saw them at WBCN's River Rave circle 2000)
My cousin started a cassette label. It's an out of date format. It's very weird. I'm listening to DIRT by Alice In Chains that I bought for two dollars at my buddies bachelor party last week, right now. The song Rooster fucking rules. right?
The song that has been stuck in my head recently is Fatty Boom Boom by Die Antwoord. Even got a spontaneous tattoo the other week regarding that particular band. (also ROOSTER by Alice in Chains
also Degeneration X's theme song.
also Black Skinheads by Kanye West
also Die When you Die by GG Allin
NASSY and CRINKLEFACE play frequent shows at GREAT SCOTT in Boston. I'm not from Boston. South Shore; represent. I live the cool south shore lyfe. I'm currently on my personal wifi hotspot at my domicile (WILLIAMREGAL) in the south shore answering these questions. It's a lyfe to be lyved. (,you guys.)
So you bringing up Stabbing Westward made me listen to Filter. Have you seen the Great Gatsby? I didn't like it as much as Romeo and Juliet, but it was ok. Leo is fantastic in most everything he's done since THE BEACH. But the one shining light that came out of this movie was the trailer with Filter covering HAPPY TOGETHER by THE TURTLES.
I'm listening to that song through my phone which also acts as an MP3 player. I don't like the verse, but it's worth it when it kicks into the chorus. y'know?

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