Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RECORD REVIEW: porcupine / A*Star split 7"

porcupine / A*Star split 7"

<1> "black and blue" - We begin with somewhat spoken female vocals, and then kick into the dream pop rock.  I can almost hear a little bit of Garbage coming out in here.  And now male vocals are backing up the female vocals.  This chorus has pretty fast lyrics, so I like it.  It's different from what I'm not only used to hearing from A
*Star, but from music in general.   And as much as I can hear Garbage to some extent still, I can also hear a bit of Madonna in the vocals.  And now I can kind of hear Gwen Stefani coming out vocally, which seems like a jab as I type it but it really wasn't meant to be. 

<2> "force field" - The twangy guitar is almost turning country on me here.  This song sounds like a cross between GBV and Don Henley.  There is a lot of other rock in here, but it is just too much for me to name all at once.  Mudhoney.  Foo Fighters, musically (listen to the drums)   And now we have a nice guitar solo.   This is a moderately paced song for Porcupine.  It's by no means a ballad, but I have heard faster paced songs from this band.   "We can talk now that my force field is up".  Exactly.  Maybe a lighter Alice in Chains and 1000 Mona Lisas are coming out now for various reasons.  And we're back into guitar riff bliss.  And now the guitar work is getting quite complex in this musically charged break down.  I would go so far as to compare this to Queens of the Stone Age as well for some reason, but don't ask me why.

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