Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CD REVIEW: Favorite Child “Collection A” (PlasticSkull Music and Recordings)

Favorite ChildCollection A” (PlasticSkull Music and Recordings)
                First and foremost I would like to brag about the fact that I went looking for this CD on Band Camp and when I found it, they had the red font up telling me “1 remaining” or however they word it, and I immediately pounced on it and bought it.   Usually I am (to use an old phrase) a day late and a dollar short.   I’m not exaggerating when I say that most times when I go to buy something I want I see the words “SOLD OUT” next to it.   So, I was quite pleased to not only be able to get in on this action but also to be the last person to do so.
                Favorite Child has a sound that combines other sounds to form their own unique sound that is easily likeable if you happen to like the sum of its parts.   Does that make any sense?   Does that seem way too generic a thing to say?  Could I, in fact, say that same thing about nearly every good band I write about?   I might be able to, but I’m not going to try.
                If you listen to Favorite Child with one ear, you’ll hear an indie rock hardcore sound that reminds me, musically, of a band such as mewithoutYou.   Yes, I realize bands other than mewithoutYou play this type of music it’s just that they are one of the longest running bands I know of that are still relevant today.   I could compare it to other bands that I’ve compared to mewithoutYou already, but you probably wouldn’t recognize their names anyway.
                When you listen to Favorite Child in the other ear, you’ll hear a gritty, not-quite-scream in the vocals that for whatever reason reminds me of the singer from Outline.    It also should be noted right about now that the music can also take that math rock turn (See: Kane Hodder) and they do have some musical extensions as well.
                Though listed as three tracks, this is probably more like six songs based upon what the back of the CD says.  In any event, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited before to hear more music from a single band. 

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