Wednesday, June 19, 2013

INTERVIEW: So Spirited (Jack Daniel)

1) Why is it that you are not just spirited, but you are so spirited?

1) I think I just liked how the bit of alliteration sounded.  I try to create upbeat, perhaps hopeful sounds and I think the name fits well with that. Also it can be hard to find something not taken on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. 

2) Your name also reminds me of Spirited Away. Did you ever see that movie?

2) No I haven't actually. I've seen Howls Moving Castle though and loved it. Its really a beautiful piece of artwork. I need to watch that and Princess Mononoke sometime soon. 

3) Would you ever create a "Best of" album one day called "That's So Spirited: The Best of So Spirited"?
3) I can't see it happening but it would be fun to say. Do bands even put out "best of" albums still? 

4) Much like Screen Vinyl Image and probably other bands, you are from the land of horses known as Virginia. What is that like?
4)It's an interesting place really just because of how many different environments are with in a few hours of each other. It can make for a great place to draw inspiration from. A couple of Virginia artist I've really been enjoying recently are Pleasure Curses, and I believe Mirror Kisses and RuddyP are from here as well. All worth checking out.

5) "Broken Limbs, Forgotten Hymns" just came out May 6th of this year. When I was a kid, I broke my left wrist. I also went to Catholic school and forgot all the songs. Do you have any broken limbs and/or forgotten hymns? Do you think I forgot all those hymns because I broke my wrist?
5) Ahh I'm sorry, that sounds pretty painful. I think it was more tree limbs that I had in mind, but I didn't make that very clear. Making the album I kind of had this idea of something you'd play at a bonfire and dance around too. The bonfire being made of broken tree limbs of coarse and the forgotten hymns being more like wild chants or something. I don't know if that came across at all, but I hope it helped to give the album a cohesive sound anyway. Really I just liked how the title rhymed.

6) Both "Patterns" and "Broken Limbs, Forgotten Hymns" are on Band Camp for a Name Your Price download. Will they ever have physical releases?
6) I don't have any plans, but if someone else wanted to, I'd be open to it. Having a physical release seems to be less and less important these days, certainty when just trying to gain exposure. There is so much music out there, I'm just happy when people take the time to give my sounds a listen. 

7) Final thoughts, plugs, etc... ??
7) Just thanks so much for asking me to do this, and you can download my albums for free at

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