Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Animal Logic "I Hate My Voice and Everything That I Say" (Broken World)

Animal Logic "I Hate My Voice and Everything That I Say" (Broken World)
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            Sometimes, in music as in life, we can be our own worst enemies.   Based only on the title of this album, would it be something that you would want to listen to ever?   Not only does this guy hate his voice but he also hates everything he says.  So, wow, this better just impress musically, huh? 
            It does not.
            Animal Logic sounds like a lesser version of The Ghost and at times just reminds me of what I like to call mewithoutYou Jr.   As if the spoken scream and somewhat indie math rock music to accompany it wasn’t enough to make me think about mewithoutYou while constantly listening to these songs, one lyric does offer the notion that “I am not a coward, but I am not particularly brave”.    Now why do I remember a band having an EP about never saying they were brave… I wonder.
            If that isn’t bad enough, one line says “I’m too young to feel this tired”, which might sound prolific if it wasn’t at least a version of a line in a song by Surfer Blood. (Oops)
            As you listen to these lyrics, you can really begin to dissect them and see how easy it is for critics to make fun of this band.   He has lines about sleepwalking (Much like he slept-walk through making this album!), admitting he talks to himself (Which is what he’s doing on this album because ain’t nobody listening!) and most importantly, by the end we get to hear him tell us that he’s boring.  
            I know musicians have a long standing history of low self esteem.  I fully realize that is a part of what makes a lot of music great.   But in order to have such depressing lyrics, I tend to think you need to have really amazing music and singing to back it up.   If your band sucks and you sing about your band sucking, people are just going to say, “Yeah, you do suck” and not listen to you.   With a band like Animal Logic, they don’t necessarily suck, but they’re just into this place where they are neither really good nor bad and something such as the lyrics could be what pulls the listener into a definitive direction.
            Unfortunately for Animal Logic on this album, their lyrics pull me toward the direction of not caring enough to ever listen to them again.   I’m not saying “Change your style if you want people to listen to your music” because I whole heartedly believe that people should make music for some personal reason inside of them rather than to be rich and famous.   But if someone were to describe this music as turnoffcore, I would completely understand what they meant.

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