Friday, May 31, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: the One (family)” live @ SOMETHINGseries” (Amok Recordings)

the One (family)live @ SOMETHINGseries” (Amok Recordings)

                When I think about music labeled in the genre of noise, I’m not sure if I could name you even one noise band.   You would say, “So and so is a noise band”, and I’d probably say “Oh yeah, I know them”, but when put on the spot, no, I can’t really think of any noise bands.

                That being said, I’m pretty sure that this is a noise band or to be more precise, a drone noise band.   While Side A both begins and ends with applause, what comes in between that is somewhere between the strings of Blue October, a particular noise I remember from an Atari Return of the Jedi game, a vacuum (in a cleaning sense, like Hoover) and Frampton Comes Alive.   Oh, there are some musical bits here and there with cymbals and it can even get a little industrial like The Downward Spiral.   But for the most part, I cannot tell whether or not this is a series of songs or just one really long song.  Given the applause factor, I assume that Side A is one really long song, as is Side B. 

                In some ways, I like having the cassette this way because I don’t really know much about it and thus have to form my own conclusions, which is almost more fun than being told what the set list is exactly.

                Side B begins in a slower, more climbing sort of way with some electronic stuff like beeps and bloops.   Then it turns into a drum machine and a guitar loop.   This is definitely bordering very closely on noise, if it is not considered to be noise.   And after a thus far instrumental album, the female computer programmed vocals ala The Illegal Wiretaps come into play. 

                From there, we go from (in what I believe to all be the same song) comparisons to a garbage disposal (That with the vacuum could make this housewarescore), Invader Zim and an organ ala The Undertaker. 
                At this point I believe that the strings have returned, but in actuality it is a saxophone.  This kind of turns into an improv jazz bit, which is nice.   The song would seemingly end with some Gary Jules type piano, but after the applause fades I can still hear the faint sound of what I can only imagine is a cow mooing. 

                What this cassette says to me is that people like noise.   This is a live recording first off, so people had to care enough about this band to buy their album first and then demand a live release of that, so it must be a pretty big deal.    And then just to hear the people clapping and all after each song.  It just goes to show you that people were at this show and appreciate this band.

                I might not be able to name a single person (other than me) who likes noise or drone music, yet oddly there does seem to be a following for it and perhaps if you are musically diverse enough you can make your way into finding this niche category that is just exemplified by the cassette tape.   

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