Friday, May 31, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Morgue Toad “Buzzing Vibrations” (Juniper Tree Sounds)

                I’ve been writing about music for longer than I care to admit right now, so a lot of times I get bored with comparing bands to other bands and find myself comparing them instead to movies, or soundtracks from that particular genre of movie if you will.   [not smooth transition] If Morgue Toad was a performer, he would be Andy Kaufman.

                The cassette begins with a sound in the song that makes me think the tape is fading in and out of loudness.  I immediately go to adjust the volume.  As it seems to be fading out for good, I turn it up, hear silence and then BAM! blasted in my ear.  

                Granted, this may have merely been a malfunction in my tape player but I find it to be a little bit too coincidental.   Also, on Side B during one of his other songs, there is a distinct noise that sounds like a telephone ringing.  I know it’s not an actual phone ringing because I haven’t heard that ringtone since the 90’s, but you know, it was a nice try.   Personally, I don’t blame Morgue Toad for messing with listeners though.  I always vowed if I had a band that got played on the radio I’d make a special “radio edit” with sirens in the background randomly so people would constantly be watching over their shoulder. 

                Anyway, (Yeah, this all might just be in my head), Morgue Toad is an acoustic singer/songwriter type of guy who is the embodiment of the term “bedroom” to me, when you use that as a musical genre.   

                I can hear some Unplugged Nirvana in these songs, some acoustic Red Hot Chili Peppers and at times it can even sound like a demo.   And why not, since he played some jokes on me, I’ll take a standard road and also draw the comparison to Daniel Johnston.

                What will stand out most for you about Morgue Toad, aside from his unique voice, is the fact that these songs are fairly short.   Not only do they a shortness of length, but they also don’t have the most words either.    It’s kind of nice in a short and sweet sort of way, and it is also definitely refreshing from what we’re used to hearing with these songs that can often seem like they’re going on forever. 

                Side A of this cassettes concludes with a cover of The Cure… or perhaps it is just another joke by Sir Toad?   

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