Thursday, March 7, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Sun Glitters “It’s Snowing and the Girls are Singing”

Sun Glitters It’s Snowing and the Girls are Singing
                I’ve listened to this album a number of times now and though I have yet to be disappointed with it, I also have yet to find the suitable words to review it. 
                In trying to explain what Sun Glitters sounds like to someone who has never heard them before is like trying to explain what The Beatles sound like.  No, Sun Glitters doesn’t sound like The Beatles it’s just that when someone asks you “What do The Beatles sound like?” you could be justified in simply replying with “They sound like The Beatles”.   
                Sun Glitters has primarily female vocals on their songs, only sometimes there are male backing vocals and quite often there are also no vocals at all.   The first song is kind of spoken words instead of singing, which reminds me of Ladytron.   Oddly enough, making the Ladytron comparison just makes me remember hearing that band for the first time and how it’s similar to trying to describe Sun Glitters because well, “It sounds like this, only not” comes to mind a lot.
                The music ranges from a mild dose of shoegaze to electronica, which mainly means that you’d put this under shoegaze but it’d be more on the electronic side of the genre, which might even push it out of the genre one day and into something like synthpop but maybe Sun Glitters needs their own genre.  
                Regardless of whether or not you like shoegaze or electronic music or really any genre of music for that matter, I feel like something about one of these songs will appeal to you as this whole set of songs appeals to me.

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