Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SBSR: August Nicky Golden "Demos"

August Nicky Golden "Demos"

<1> “Spaceman Song for Far Away Star” – The acoustic guitar is fast paced and the vocals have a certain amount of static that just makes this sound like nails on a chalkboard to me.  This could be a lot better if cleaned up, but I don’t know, it could still just come out sounding like a hundred other singer/songwriter types. 

<2> “little words” – Now the vocals don’t sound like they’re being shouted into a small microphone.  I like the lyrics on this sound and the clanging of the rusty guitar.   Although “not for all the tea in China” is a fairly overused cliché.    I’m pretty sure “unboyfriendable” is not a word and it’s not a word we should put into modern rotation either.   It was a cute song though.

<3> “secret” – Yes, this is a Blink 182 cover.  I’m not sure whether to like it or not.  I’m leaning toward no though.

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