Thursday, January 24, 2013

INTERVIEW: Among Giants

1)      What do you want people to hear most when they hear your music?
All of our songs are really honest and really personal.  I think the lyrics stand out the most and are pretty powerful at times, but we want people to really just take away what they can from the music.  If the song means something to them then that is awesome.  

2)      Having music on Band Camp, along with other such platforms in music right now such as Sound Cloud, Spotify and others, do you feel that music is moving into a virtual age?  Personally, I fully support the idea of downloading songs for free from Band Camp and then if I like them buying them on vinyl.
It's definitely moving to a virtual age.  Usually what I try to do is I'll buy an album on vinyl and they usually come with a free download code now which is awesome.  But if I download an album for free, which I do.. a lot, I try my best to go and buy some merch from that band or artist.  I try to support the music that means a lot to me, and I'd like to think that there are people out there that still feel the same even with everything being available for free now.

3)      How important of a factor do you feel that record labels play in music these days when pretty much anyone can put their music on the internet as opposed to having to hand out demo tapes at shows, the distribution record labels can offer, etc.   It just seems like it’s a bit easier these days to succeed as a band- and even build up a strong fan base- before a label possibly comes calling for you.
Records labels can be a huge help, but they can also be the opposite.  If you get with the right label they can help you get your music out there a lot better, but it seems a lot of labels now are doing it to just make their label seem better or 'cooler'.  A label should be about helping out bands you love instead of making your brand as cool as possible.  So, sometimes labels are really awesome, sometimes they really aren't.. you just have to find the right one.

4)      If you could tour with any single band or musician who would you pick and why?
Damn, well for me I'd love to tour with Paul Baribeau or maybe RVIVR.  They both seem to love what they are doing and don't necessarily seem to care how big or popular they are, they play music because they love playing music and those are people I'd want to spend way too much time with. 

5)      Who is your favorite New Kid on the Block?
I couldn't tell you a single one to be honest ha

6)      Who would win in a musical fight: Jack Black or Jack White?
That's a no-brainer, Jack Black.  He has the pick of destiny and he even beat the devil in a musical fight once... I know.

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