Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SBSR: The Illegal Wiretaps “Venus and Adonis”

The Illegal Wiretaps “Venus and Adonis”
<1> “Handsome, Mostly” – We begin in an epic sort of manner and I’m not talking about in a trendy sort of way that people overuse that word but more like the Gods coming down from Mount Olympus and killing some mortals.  Put a beat behind this and it could almost be Chris Masters’ WWE entrance music.   Near the three minute mark and it’s slowing down, getting ready to end for sure.   Or come back and keep going.  Not my best call.   And it ends with a large minor chord.
<2> “Sisyphus” – Jigsaw (Yes, from the Saw movie franchise) is repeating “You’re nothing but a fucking slave” over and over, chopped up in different ways.   There are some beats and synth behind it.  And now he’s telling me I don’t exist.   This isn’t really a song; it’s more of an insult.  It’s kind of like how people listen to motivational books on CD only in the opposite sense.   It’s either demotivational or anti-motivational, whichever is grammatically correct.
<3> “Drowning Girl” – This could be Drowning Pool.  Let the bodies hit the… FLOOOOOORRRRRRR.  No?  Okay, moving on.   We’ve got music slowly building to something at the minute mark.  It’s the sound of alien spaceships taking off with the pulsing of someone’s heart in the background.   Now we have some soothing synth that’s some sort of electric strings on the keyboard (I forget what it’s called exactly)   Now some slight singing perhaps, or is my mind playing tricks on me?  It still felt like it was building to something greater, but then it just faded out.
<4> “Echo’s Shallow Reflection” – This one’s coming on really techno and I bet some alien life form out there could translate it.   More of those enhanced strings I don’t want to look up the exact name for because I’m lazy and my keyboard is over five feet away. 
<5> “Venus and Adonis” – Now we’re kicking in 1980’s rock style… Or not, as now it feels like we’re getting married or graduating. 
<6> “There’s a Little Icarus in Each One of Us” - And here comes the instrumental new wave I’ve come to know and love from this band (and knew was peeking out in the other songs)  We also have a bunch of random audio clips, most of which sound programmed. 

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