Friday, August 31, 2012


1)      What was the most expensive piece of clothing that you ever saw but thought was completely hideous?   (For me personally, I saw a straight out no-joke Cosby sweater at Marshall’s “marked down” to “only” $80)
            This is a tricky question I don't spend much time in stores I know I can't afford. However I have seen some of the tackiest things at Plato’s Closet. I’m not one for Ed Hardy or any of the “Douchebag-esque” style but to see some of those pieces being sold for more than $50 is ridiculous.  
2)      Do you think in fashion it is better to be a leader or a follower? 
            Setting trends can be a little risqué'; you run the risk of being a bit too gaudy or just plain boring. Fashion, like other arts, builds on the others work. Piecing together your own look using different styles, both new and old, helps brand your personal style thus making it your style. So, is that follow or leading? On one hand you are skimming through lookbook, finding cute outfits (being a follower) and on the other, you are building your own unique style (leading). I don't think either one is better or worse.
3)      Do you think that music has become too much of a fashion, where people tend to spend more on their skin tight jeans than they do on their instruments?
            It depends. There are some things in fashion and music that go hand in hand. I don't expect to go to a hip hop club and see American Apparel Legalize Gay V-necks all over the place and I also don't expect to see snapback hats and jerseys at an indie rock show. So in this aspect, the fashion is part of the music and its culture. But even then things can get a bit out of hand. This question reminds me of my high school hardcore days when the music was just an excuse to have big multi colored hair and wear shit from hot topic. The emphasis was on being 'hip' rather than on actually liking the music. This 'culture of cool' is kind of what drives certain bands and their listeners. How many hipsters would really be at the next small show if they knew no one cared about their leather jacket from Urban Outfitters or those new glasses from Warby Parker? I imagine some people only go out to be seen, but it takes all types...right?
4)      I have mixed feelings about camouflage, mainly because I wear it, but how do you feel about it as a fashion when it is also used in the military?
            Well I have caught myself in an army surplus store a time or two (I'm in love with the military style messenger bag.) If it makes the outfit or if just looks cute, wear it. I think there has been a push to politicize every aspect of our lives as of late. You wear camo? You must support the invasion of (enter 3rd world country's name). This may seem a bit far-fetched, but I’ve heard people comment on others wearing camouflage. It’s not always nice. Then again, most people are quick to jump the gun on judging others.
5)      How important do you feel functionality is in fashion?  (For one thing, I love cargo pockets because I always tend to take more than I can carry.)
            I really don’t think about functionality when I pick out my pieces. Most of my clothing is monochromatic and I can switch them up no problem. I just make sure I am comfortable, that’s it.
6)      Would you ever consider starting your own fashion line and what do you think would be the easiest and hardest parts of that?
            I’m kind of 50/50 on this one. I would really enjoy creating my own clothing and having something be my own. On the other hand it would take a lot of work and skill that I don’t currently have. If I knew someone who had previous experience and they wanted my input maybe I can do some sort of collaboration line but I would personally never go solo.

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