Friday, August 31, 2012


1)       If Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh were both alive today and on Facebook (as fan pages, of course), if they both posted a picture of their work which one would get more likes?
Andy might get it, Vincent should get it.  For me, Andy was a precursor to what our society values now, whereas Van Gogh HAD to communicate his reverence for nature, or, in other words, god. VG is timeless.

2)      Do you subscribe to the idea that art can truly be taught or do you believe (as I do) that it is something you either have inside of you or don’t?  For example, if you were taught art by Picasso, for example, then would that not just give you a rip off of his style?
I'm self taught and have been painting ever since I can remember, so it is inside me.  From what I understand, school is best for connections and if you want to teach in the future.  The student loans will probably thwart creativity for years and years to come.  One of my favorite artists, who teaches out in Pasadena once a week, just has scheduled, one on one conversations with his grad students.  Life is the best teacher.

3)      Do you believe that artists only truly succeed after they have died? (i.e. Don’t see money whilst alive)
I hope not.  I know artists who make a living and artist who live in poverty.  The ones who live in poverty are often better painters/artists.  I don't think it's from the suffering, I think rather, all their talent lies in creativity, not sales and career management.

4)      What do you feel gives your art a personal touch?
It's me doing the creating, translating and deciding, it's all personal… hopefully universal.  I'm the only artist I know who has painted giant flowers on for lease and abandon buildings across the country.  In my current work, I am using pictures taken on my journeys and maps of where I have been.

5)      What advice do you give to aspiring artists who have not yet been discovered?
Have I been discovered?  My advice would be: Only be an artist if you have no other choice.

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