Monday, July 9, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Pulse Rifle “Look Out Honey Cause I’m Using Technology”

Pulse RifleLook Out Honey Cause I’m Using Technology
                Everyone needs to watch the (newer) series “Battlestar Galactica”.   Not because it was overly good, but rather because it is perhaps an omen for the future. 
                When I think about cylons, I know they will come one day.    Go into any Walmart with a self-checkout register and you’ll hear a generic lady voice tell you instructions and good manners.   One day, that female voice will most likely turn into a full-on fembot.    After the facial expressions, these robots will start thinking for themselves.   Will they be a peaceful race or will they try to destroy their maker, as so many of us do?   I don’t know, and hopefully that war will come long after I’m dead and buried (Like the year 2537).    The one thing I do know is that when these future robots begin to think for themselves, their music will sound JUST LIKE THIS.

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