Monday, April 23, 2012

CD REVIEW: Andrew Bird "Noble Beast"

Andrew Bird “Noble Beast” (Fat Possum)
                Andrew Bird combines the song styling of a singer-songwriter type such as Jack Johnson with the full band type known as twee.    It’s not quite folk but it’s close.   There are many non-traditional instruments (such as strings) throughout these songs and they mainly have a very mellow sound which makes me sleepy.
                In the long run, I won’t put this music on in general and it isn’t so much that it makes me sleepy but just that it doesn’t come off as something that really moves me.   Even though it has that sleepy quality to it, it still fails to really come out of the speakers and grab me and make me feel something… anything.    It’s funny because I don’t even really hate this music per se it’s just that I’m completely indifferent to it.   Sometimes that can be the worst thing of all.

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