Friday, February 15, 2019

R. Stevie Moore [] Interview Number 210 []

1) A lot of what I'm reading about "Afterlife" is that it's trying to be that big hit record for you.   Why now?   What made you decide that this is the one that should do it?

Well sir, what you're reading is the label and producer writing. They're deciding. This fresh compilation purposely leans more toward straight popsong rock, without the usual weirdso left turns. The blurb's a stylistic slant, a sales tactic, an arm twist. Hit?? I am clueless! I make musical recordings, and others prefer to determine themselves how it's presented. What do you think?

2) You've been making music since before I was born.   How do you maintain the longevity of such a career?   Do you have advice for anyone starting out in music now that wants to spend their whole life in it?

Well sir, by now, I'm sadly losing that maintenance. It has been 50 years this year. Rehearsals for retirement, health reasons. Now only dealing with promoting my 400+ back catalog, no more new writing recording performing. I'm 10,000 years old, an oldtimer veteran. No advice to anyone, please. Who knew. Why now? Yes! What do you think?

3) Does it weird you out that there are people buying your music now that weren't even alive when you first started making music?

Well sir, not really. Breaks my heart tho. Tom waits for no one. Why do you think?

4) You've got music out there on cassette and vinyl.   Do you have a preferred format and do you prefer physical over digital or does it not matter?

Doesn't matter. Wham do you think?

5) In the late '00's and up until now music has really changed with the way people access it.   Labels used to have to send out promo cassettes and then CDs and now they just send you a link to download an album.   What do you feel has been the most difficult aspect of adapting to the ever-changing music lifestyle from the days when it was just vinyl to the digital age now?

Well, adapting could be difficult, yet nevertheless the future has its advantages as well. Instant tunes. I go with the flow, it doesn't bother me, with regards to moral obligation to tradition.

6) You've done some interesting collaborations over time and off the top of my head some of my favorites just from last year were with Period Bomb and Darko The Super.  Is there anyone out there you really want to collaborate with but just haven't had the chance to yet?

No sir, I'm basically finished with prioritizing recording project plans. Shit falls into place, yo.

7) You've been a part of a number of different record labels over the years.   How do you feel record labels impact musicians in 2019?

Ah, they mean nothing in my world. Too late to look back now. Independence has backfired.

8) What was the last really great album you listened to?

"All Systems Go" by The Honeycombs.

9) If people have never heard R. Stevie Moore before, why is "Afterlife" the album that they should hear?

I never said that! Why not! What will you think?

10) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ??

Emphasize the emphysema.


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