Friday, February 15, 2019

Music Review //
Jessica Pavone
"In the Action" //

"In the Action" begins with strings, which sound like they could be coming through in drones but they are in this pattern where they sort of repeat- they start over- often enough that it doesn't fully become drone but it's close.   They grow louder and sharper, then quieter and darker.    This music makes me wish I had a background in animation so I could create something to go with this song.   It'd be in black and white and feel like the old cartoons that existed before I was born but it'd be so much fun.

The back and forth of the strings can sound either like it's singing or bring about the emergency feelings of an ambulance or some other such vehicle.   It gets faster paced and I can't help but think of it as being like something out of a country song, like a fiddle, even though I know it's leaning more towards the classical side of things.    The way this seemingly feels like a classical music showcase but for some reason also feels like that little bit of country is what makes it unique because that might be simply because of my (somewhat country-like) upbringing.

On the second song there are strings delicately plucked while these darker synth sounds fade in and out.    It's the balance between something lighter and heavier, the light and darkness, and just the idea that these notes are being hit up top and then they resonate down lower creating some kind of cause and effect is one of those grand musical ventures I feel we all need to explore.    It's also not something I feel like I hear enough but perhaps not everyone can accomplish it in such a way as Jessica Pavone does here.

"Look Out - Look Out - look Out" begins like the sound of a motor revving up, a car starting perhaps.    It begins to sound as if it will fade, crackling in and out.    This turns into a more sonic drive and it feels like the car is finally on the track and racing, or I don't know, maybe we're doing something else with this power like cutting the lawn or fighting space monsters.    Eventually it goes back to that original motor sound and then just sort of buzzes its way out until the end.

The titular track is what closes out this EP and it begins with strings like the way we started, which remind me of something a little country.   Is anyone else hearing that fiddle in here or is it just because my grandpa was a farmer?   There is a little bit of static behind this, but it just continues that rhythm which may or may not provide you with fond memories of the farm.    It can begin to feel sad by the end, but it also has that feeling where the strings, the distortion and everything just come together as one.    All those feelings at the conclusion just makes me want to start this one again.

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