Friday, February 15, 2019

CD Review //
"Ape Dog Wars Chide the Stem Toil -
a deconstruction
by Whettman Chelmets"
(Philip K. Discs)

$10 //
Edition of 20 // //

When I think of remixes, I think of an artist taking an existing song by another artist (Hey, someone might actually want to remix themselves) and then putting beats and other electronics behind it to make it a slightly different version of its former self.    How this is different from what this album refers to as a deconstruction by Whettman Chelmets is simply because if you've listened to the source material by QOHELETH and then listen to this they are not as similar as you would expect in a typical remix sense.   This begs the question as to whether or not this is still QOHELETH music in a way or a Whettman Chelmets creation, as it seems to be on that fine line between the two.

Screeches like sirens and bombs drop on the first song and there are these big beats to follow up on the next one.   Definite unce unce vibes as this gets quite industrial.    Driving synths and this remains dark somehow which has post apocalyptic written all over it.   It reminds me of the soundtrack to "Lost Highway", which I feel some people might only know for certain songs but I assure you is quality through and through.    As it almost sounds like laughing it turns into a static hiss like a robotic snake on "Chess Wizard".

A slow build into "Sikorsky" (which is here in Connecticut, shout out Brakettes, R.I.P. Bluefish) and this is just desolate... lost in the static desert.   How many letters do you have to shift around to go from "desolate" to "static desert"?    There are tones which create melodies within the static as well.    A song like "Thiokol" feels slippery to me and I'm not sure why because I've possibly never used that particular adjective to describe sound before.

"LMC Snowcat" closes out the CD with elements of punk and metal.   This has chosen to go out with a bang.   I can dig it.   If I was going to paint this as a movie (and it certainly should have visuals to go with the audio) I think it would be something like "Mad Max" just because that's a movie that had a comeback recently so people will know what it is-- they'll be more familiar with it on the whole-- but if I had to choose personally I'd go with "Tank Girl" because I love that movie so much more.   One day I'm going to quit writing about music and review it using short films.   Until I buy a decent video camera though, you'll have to crank this unique piece of music out of your speakers and create the images within your own mind.

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