Thursday, January 17, 2019

Music Review //
Blear Moon
"Fallow" //

"Fallow" begins with an ambient lead in where the first track can feel like an introduction but that's never a bad thing because sometimes you need to ease the listener into the sounds like a hot bath.    The tones slightly wave back and forth on the second song and there is a vast amount of peace and tranquility to be found within.    It can grow somewhat dramatic, a more serious tone can come over it to take you out of your meditation phase and snap you back into reality.    A song like "Laps" almost feels like a horror movie in some ways, but mostly suspense.

The song "Pill" brings out some futuristic synth and it almost sounds like laughing at one point as it grows as well.    A ringing, angelic and all too pure, enters now with the banging fading into the background and it just feels as if we've been lifted up to a new plane of existence.    This takes us into "Recalling" which has a much more ambient sound to it as well, taking us somewhat back to where we started with that idea of meditation.    I kind of feel like the higher tones with the lower mixed in is messing with my ears and taking earbuds out after listening to this certainly makes you feel something you can only feel by doing such  a thing.

"Certain force" comes out whirring and twisting, almost like it's crying.    This takes us into a somewhat darker fog sound and beeping comes through, almost like skipping, and we can feel like we are in a submarine and diving.    "Sam", which looks like "5am" with my poor prescription glasses, has one of the most moving sounds on this album.   After it we go back into somewhat darker, somewhat sadder drones of ambience.   "Com" has that feel of an electronic swarm of bees.     By the end we just enter into this void, not quite as relaxing as the start but more like our soul is being sucked from our body, so a much more final feeling which is only fitting.

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