Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Music Review //
Acidic Base
"Purple Skies"

The music of Acidic Base is electronic and instrumental.   It can fall into that Knight Rider category where you might find other artists such as Yves Malone and Make Up And Vanity Set, but it also has these drum beats that just drive.   It moves steadily from song to song and within the first song it can remind me of a rock band, such as Muse, somehow as well.   Pianos really take over during the second track, "Halcyon", and the beats are a bit slower but it feels like it's singing.

"Chernobyl" has those synths with keys like Underworld and the piano really takes over in a somewhat video game drive.  It feels more serious and then those deep bass notes drop in as well; just a pleasant video game drive, breathing in and out.  "Blurred" is more electronic like a computer with Owl City / Hellogoodbye vibes to me.   Phantom of the Opera type loops and then winding now on "Omnidirectional Hyperjet".  There is a knocking beat, back and forth Pongs and the album really just seems to take off as we approach closer to the end.

While I could imagine people dancing to this, it's only in the way that I could imagine people dancing to most music somehow and it's not so much of that rave/techno vibe where it makes you want to buy glowsticks and experiment with drugs and bright lights.   It feels like something closer to chillwave and having these tones come out more like a video game just makes me think more of either the movie "Trainspotting" or some kind of elaborate video game I cannot even begin to fully fathom.

Though this is a collection of seven songs, and that usually is one of those questions of "Is this an album or an EP", you'll notice some of these songs having quite the length on them.   I feel like this is an album over an EP but if it was going to be released as, say, a record I would want it to be a double LP because of the sheer weight each of these songs carries itself.   It's almost as if each song is an album unto itself, taking you on a unique adventure with each note and when it's all done it feels less like an album and more like you've just finished an amazing series of albums. 

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