Friday, June 29, 2018

Cassette Review //
Hana Vu
"How Many Times Have You Driven By"

$7 // //

Right from the start this comes out with this classic rock vibe which makes me feel like we're going into some great scene in "Guardians of the Galaxy".    Amazingly enough from there, we go into a song called "Cool" which has these beats and just a somewhat pop feel to it that's like CBR's "Put Your Records On" but also something like Gotye fused into it.   It also has these elements, even within the next song, of that "Pumped Up Kicks" song by Foster The People, but again, these are also all artists I really only know based upon one song.

"Shallow" also has a certain level of soul to it.    Before "426" Hana Vu says "They always get my name wrong" and I'm wondering whether or not that is because places would spell it wrong like "Tonight come see Hannah View" or if it's mispronounced but I'm thinking it's more about the spelling since there is no correct pronunciation offered up.    "426" has this country-soul vibe to it though that just channels these classic rock bands as well and it's a song really in a class all its own.

By "Breakfast Square" the tone shifts to one of a smooth movie, the type that Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" represents.   There is also this vibe though that makes me feel like this would be played at a rollerdisco.   Fun Fact: Back in the 1980's my grandmother and uncle would babysit my sisters and I while my mom and dad would go rollerskating.   They even had these yellow t-shirts made up about it that I distinctly remember and I just wish I was passionate enough about something to wear a yellow shirt based upon it but I don't wanna look like Big Bird.

On the titular track I start to wonder what it is with people driving by their ex's houses (or just the houses of people they like but are too afraid to talk to)  I was watching something recently where the kid couldn't wait to get his driver's license so he could drive by the house of the girl who either broke his heart or he was crushing on-- I don't remember which exactly, these past few weeks have been spotty for me at best.   But I don't get it.  I know that it's a thing, but I don't know why.  I've never gone out of my way to drive by someone's house so does that mean I've never really cared or am I just too apathetic/lazy?

There are four songs which appear on Side B but are not listed on the Bandcamp (as of this typing) and so I can only assume/hope they will be cassette exclusives, though this is also available on record and compact disc so let's say these four songs are maybe physical exclusives and if you buy only the digital you get them?  I don't know, don't quote me on that but I like when things are exclusive to physical because it helps put a focus on the importance of physical media such as cassettes.

Perhaps one of the biggest aspects of these songs to focus on is that they have a rock quality to them but can also make you want to get up and dance.    I'm not entirely sure the last time I heard music that was this much rock n roll but also made me want to dance, but I'm not even sure I've ever heard anything like this before.    Your plan right now should be to listen to this cassette and then as much music by Hana Vu as you can in addition because if no one has said it before let me be the first to declare Hana Vu a national treasure. 

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