Friday, June 1, 2018

Cassette Review:
Death Party Playground "Bruce Willis' Jog Mixtape #3"
(3 Nines Compact Cassettes)

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Right away when I see the name Bruce Willis it takes me back to how few actors (and actresses) there are today making similar career paths as Die Hard himself.   Now, you can just as easily scroll through IMDb as I can and find the full list of Bruce Willis movies so I don't need to name all the names, but just know that there are some Bruce Willis movies which aren't as good as the others.   But when Bruce Willis is in a good movie, it's a great movie.  "The Fifth Element", "Pulp Fiction", "The Last Boy Scout", "Sin City" and of course my personal favorite "Twelve Monkeys" (Which also has Brad Pitt in it, who much like Bruce Willis will put out something I don't care about like "Legends Of The Fall" but then also something I do care about like "Kalifornia")

Bruce Willis is just one of those actors where... To put it plainly, I recently signed up for a free Hulu trial and in browsing their movie selection I found one called "Vice", which happens to have Bruce Willis in it, and my thought was "Well, if I'm ever in the mood I'll watch that", like somehow just feeling like "Yeah, I'll watch a Bruce Willis movie" is a thing more than what the movie actually is.  In some ways I want to feel that same way about Death Party Playground-- I'll listen to a song or album by them and not have it so much based upon what format it is on or what other people might say.

There is both an introduction and closing audio clip to this cassette, both of which mention Bruce Willis, and then there are audio clips in between some of the songs which is kind of cool.   At one point someone says that the telephone was simply invented and Bell didn't worry "Oh, if I invent the telephone who will I call"   Is that from a Bruce Willis movie?   More importantly, what actors will there jogging mixtapes about ten years from now because I can tell you right now, Ben Affleck isn't cutting it.

Listening to these songs takes me back to a time when I was younger.   There are these organ tones which come out like I've not heard before.   So what you have to think of is to take a band such as Schatzi or The Rentals who have more of a synth/Moog sound to their music.  But then you take those organ tones you'd find in the later years of The Gadjits and put them in their place.   I feel as if I've not heard this done in this manner before and that's actually pretty cool.

Somewhat pop, somewhat punk this just reminds me of something I would've listened to back in the early 2000's and don't listen to now because, well, they just don't make music like this any more.   From The Reunion Show to Step Lively, Digger to High Pop, there are elements of The Beans and The Benjamins in here.   There are also older feels like The Cure (but in a more upbeat way, so maybe let's just say dreamy?) and even Buddy Holly.   It's got that twee sort of Oneders thing down fairly well.

In my younger years, I would drive out of my way to see bands I liked or even just bands I heard about that were supposed to be good because dialup was still a thing and Napster hadn't come along yet and even then it wasn't like you had the same access to music as people have now.   I imagine some band from Hopeless Records or Fearless Records- but back from the days of Useless I.D. and Allister- comes here and Death Party Playground opens for them.   That's where they fit into my timeline but yet, hearing them now, all these years later is just as amazing.

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