Friday, May 18, 2018

"Waves" [Music Video Premiere]
+ [Interview]

Watch the Music Video for "Waves" by clicking here:

1) I tried googling it to no avail.  What is a Hemmit?
I heard a rumor it was the name of a friend of a friend's dog. If that's true, I'm thinking it was a larger dog, possibly with a spiked collar and an owner named Russ.

2) I grew up with music videos in the 1990's.   A lot of times, seeing a new video on Mtv would help me to purchase an album from that artist.  Do you feel like music videos can still play such a vital role in connecting people with new music?

I always like seeing a totally weird and cryptic video from a band -- like WTF was that? Replay! If it's done well, a video completes the song and brings a fresh dimension to it while giving you a peek inside the artist's head. I think the connection comes across best though if the artist had a hand in the creative process. If you just leave it to the director you're going to get a video where he says "OK guys, everyone look left and point, that's super!". I'd rather see something lo-fi and genuine over a big-budget production that has no soul.

3) Do you feel as if the style going into the music video is sometimes as important as the song itself?
The style is the thing that taps into the emotions that drove the song in the first place. It's also another space to tell the story. The look, the colors, the feel of the images -- all that has to be true to the song. If I start getting goosebumps when playing back a cut of a video I'm working on, I know I'm getting to that place. And sometimes you'll find an entirely new narrative for the song that only comes across in the visuals. It's another canvas to throw stuff at.

4) What are some of your personal favorite music videos?
The one that got me inspired for "Waves" was The Black Angels "Currency". Not the performance video, the visualizer one. Check it out, so cool with those video synthesis effects. Courtney Barnett "Dead Fox". A quirky and funny animated video that matches the song perfectly. The Beastie Boys "What Cha Want". Great song and amazing lo-fi visuals. I'm not a big Duran Duran fan, but "Rio" was the quintessential 80's music video. Wearing suits on a yacht, taking a landline phone call from a raft. Classic.

5) What is the music scene like in Portlandia right now?
There are way too many ukelele's, banjos and fiddles around, and overly-earnest music is still worshiped, but thankfully there are pockets of electronica, hip-hop, rock and other genres that are still going strong. I'd say overall it's a pretty supportive environment. If you're doing something you're passionate about, people respect it. On the East Coast (I moved out here from DC in the early 2000's) the question was always "where do you work?". Here it's "what do you like to do?". 

6) Would you ever consider releasing your music on cassette?
I totally would. I'd include a Bic pen with the cassette so if it got eaten by your car's tape player you could easily wind it back up again. 

7) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ??

Trust your instincts and do what you love. But don't expect to get paid for it. Shout out to college radio and RBG for all the generous support!

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