Sunday, April 1, 2018

Cassette Releases of 2018 DB - Q1

Sometimes cassettes sell out before I even find them.
Sometimes I want you to know about them before they sell out.
This is a list of cassettes which have not been reviewed but should still be heard.   This does not mean that they won't be reviewed.

These cassettes were released in the months of Jan / Feb / March of 2018. 

Astma + Jelena Glazova "Headless Venus" (zeromoon)

Autonomic Nervosi "Hyperdegradation"

Black Earth "Diagrams of a Hidden Order" (Sentient Ruin)

Black Givre / Hazy Montagne Mystique "Froids Divers / 4-tracks spin reverse"

Boar/Mason Split c30

Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain (White Sepulchre)

Confreg "Side 802.11b" (MSH3005)'

Copper Sounds "A Regular Pattern A Regular Pattern" (Fractal Meat Cuts)

Cult of Extinction "Black Nuclear Magick Attack" (Sentient Ruin)

Dane Rousay "IMP / ENV EP" (Colour8)

David Attias "Elephant" (Bee Side Cassettes)

Dead Man's Lifestyle "Gloomlurker" (Never Anything Records)

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. "Theology"

Detroak "Physical barbaric particles (物理野蠻顆粒) EP" (Gerpfast Record)

Dogs In Reverse "DRELLA"

Echo Beach "Creeping Brainfreeze"

ElectricTREE "Sociopathy"

Emma Goldman "Emma Goldman" (Ophelia Tapes)

Endurance "Heteros" (Moss Archive)

Endurance "The Wandering of Days"

Endurance / anthéne "Minimum States / New Fiction" (Metaphysical Circuits)

Far Rainbow "A Disc of Rippling Mercury" (Fractal Meat Cuts)

FIELDING "i don't like this, not one bit." (Big Boy)

Final Cop "Broken Windows" (skrot up)

Flesh Vomit "Beyond The Spectral Light" (Ominous Recordings)

Frank Volterra "Winter 2018"

gran am "lilacs under water slowly rising"

Hakobune "Parhelion" (Constellation Tatsu)

Hakobune "Obelisk" (Polar Seas Recordings)
*Please Note: This is NOT a cassette but I wanted to keep my Hakobune together.

Huxley Maxwell "Across the Cartoon Smoke" (Warm Gospel)

ihateyourguts "demo" (∞AM)

Incapacitants "Breath Of Insect" (Gerpfast Record)

IPv7 "Astro Unit 39" (MSH3005)

Junko Hiroshige "J U N K O)))" (Gerpfast Record)

Junko Hiroshige & Pandu "A Collaboration" (Gerpfast Record)

KILLGXXD / Irving (Harding Street Assembly Lab)

King of the Ring 1998 "Beardless Youth" (Cake Soda)

Kishiro Ohno "No Flash"

Left Hand Cuts off the Right "Desired Place"

LONS "Curriculum Vitae" (Gerpfast Record)

Mark Vernon "Remnant Kings"

Marta SmiLga "Lunar Maria, Volume 1" (Crash Symbols)

Misrule "Forced to Suffer" (Sentient Ruin)

Morgan Willis "Supernova" (Timeslaves)

Mud On My Bra "Spanaway EP" (Den Tapes)

Natty Gray x faint glow "Natty glow in the faint Gray" (Cult Love Sound Tapes)

One Second: A Compilation Album (New Motion)


PZA "Lotus Inc." (Bonding Tapes)

PZA "Watch the Space" (Illuminated Paths)


Restaurnaut "Slop Glop Clop" (cardooreffect)

Robert Millis/Wica Intina Split Tape (Meliphonic Records)

Sascha Müller "SSREXTRA65​-​1"

SPOOL (スプール) "Discography Album" (Gerpfast Record)

Takahiro Mukai "Drunk Biking" (Aescape Sounds)

- also this threeway split on I Had An Accident:

Tissa Mawartyassari "Lunatic Lovers" (Gerpfast Record)

Tom Tom Thrasher & the Horsetapes "Horsetrap"

VHSParadise "2018"

Virtual Haven "BadGirl"

Walter Gross "The Fra Mauro Highlands"

Yuko Araki // Bergegas Mati "Echo Round The Intersection" (Gerpfast Record)

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