Friday, March 23, 2018

Music Review: Awkward Geisha / Veda "In-A-Geisha-Da-Veda"

I'm not sure why I clicked on this album cover next, but this does seem like more of a single than a split as each side is under four minutes.   I feel like I typed this with the last split, but I hold true to this being on 7".   One day, maybe ten or twenty years from now, if these don't get released on record before then, someone will do it then.  Isn't it funny though how so much great music gets overlooked that could be released on vinyl or cassette right now because people are focused on some looked over band from twenty years ago?  You're creating your own monsters, people!

"Frogger" is a cover of the Bad Religion song but Awkward Geisha crushes the guitar chords, spews out the lyrics with a demonic sense and this sounds very much like something from the "Antichrist Superstar" era of Marilyn Manson.   It is also worth noting that on this particular song, Awkward Geisha is only two members: one generating crunchy guitar chords and the other singing.    Thus far, this is the least amount of members I have seen contribute to Awkward Geisha at once and I'm not sure they'd appear as a solo act but who knows.  There is a lot of Awkward Geisha out there which I have not listened to yet.

On the flip side, Veda begins with a slower song that could be somewhere between the dreamy rock n roll of the 1960's and the psychedelic rock of the 1970's.    A little over halfway through this just shifts gears and becomes very much punk rock.   It just starts off slow and not at all in a bad way- I would've enjoyed the entire song at that rock tempo- but the way it seems to wake you up even more is just something you have to hear to believe.   This is such a great song- even if it is only one song- and now I'm going to see how much more music I can find and listen to by Veda.   (They have a SoundCloud!)

Two different songs yet again from an Awkward Geisha split and yet I enjoy the artist paired with Awkward Geisha still.   These songs contain a basic rock quality to them underneath everything else, but otherwise they couldn't be more different.  In 2018 though having these two artists play a show together wouldn't be surprising because the days of bands strictly playing with bands who sound like them are seemingly over.     But yes, this is another great track from Awkward Geisha and while Veda only has two songs on SoundCloud aside from "What He Said" I still gave them the follow as I would like more music.

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