Friday, February 9, 2018

Music Review:
Rotting Sky
(Sentient Ruin Laboratories)

I'm beginning to learn that if you're looking for music which is so heavy it can be somewhat frightening, then Sentient Ruin Laboratories is the place to go.   Rotting Sky has this heavily distorted sound, almost so to the point that you feel like the music in submersed underneath this cloud of it.   I imagine the band as playing from the back of the stage, a large fog in front of them to give the shield, the disassociation.

Through these rhythms there are some melodies.   It's got pianos in it and that reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera but if it was performed by something heavier than Darkest Hour.    The drumming is right on as well, that needs to be noted more.    The second track is actually shorter and instrumental, while then we go into a third that is nearly twelve and a half minutes.   This goes to show you Rotting Sky is quite deliberate in the execution of their music.   It's maniacal, but perhaps the most appropriate word for it is premeditated.

Somewhere between Backstabbers Inc and something I've never heard before, Rotting Sky is definitely a dark type of metal band that is not to be taken lightly.    I suppose you could take the name "Sedation" to be an ironic title but I think it's somehow fitting.   As abrasive as these songs may seem, there is a certain calm to them, a certain lull.   It has an almost lullaby feeling to it, you know, if you were able to sleep during the carnage.

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