Friday, February 16, 2018

Music Review:
Noose Rot
"The Creeping Unknown"
(Sentient Ruin)

I will be the first to admit that I haven't listened to a lot of music that has been along the lines of metal because I enjoyed it at one point in time and then it seemed like every band that was making so-called metal would have to add in these little melodies and singing parts to please some unknown audience.   It became difficult for me to find that straight up metal sound and, you know, there are a lot of bands out there that do exist on labels and they seem to be straight forward in their metal delivery (no emo added in) but they tend to all blend together for me.

With metal guitar notes and deep singing, almost growling, Noose Rot has this pace that is grinding.   It becomes faster at times but for the most part it maintains this brooding pace about it.    It has certain breakdowns that any true metal fans will love and even at times can remind me of old school Pantera.    It's just pounding and cannot be imitated in terms of what this sounds like.

Somewhere between Dead to Fall (that era of Victory Records) and other bands like Unearth, Noose Rot has the sound that I wish more metal bands would embrace.   It's a heavier version of Monolord in a lot of ways and I love that about it.    What I think of most when listening to these songs though is that this isn't that bullet to the head sound a lot of bands want to force upon you.   This is more of- in a visual sense- tortuing someone, inflicting that slow and painful death upon them.    Though, in no way is listening to these songs a form of suffering because I enjoy every second of it.

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