Thursday, February 1, 2018

Music Review:
Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte / Ananerbe Music Club
"Crime In Our Flesh And Other Sad Story"
(Signora Ward Records)

I feel like I never really know what I'm getting into with Signora Ward Records.   That is to say, when I browse their back catalog (and you should do the same) I see what is commonly referred to as HNW because even Signora Ward themselves call it that.    Now, I press play on these three songs and I don't know what's going to happen exactly but it's not really noise or even very harsh.

The first song begins with a saxophone and then eventually some drums and bass join in.   It has the feeling of a dimly lit night club, but it also feels like it might be raining outside.   It's got that overall feel of a noir detective novel to it and I'm really into it because anything that feels like outsider jazz ("jazz but not jazz") is cool with me right now.

On the second song, vocals join the sort of jazz sound and by the third there are elements which make me believe this could be near a ship at sea.   The words become more spoken with less emphasis on the singing, but it remains dark and just reminds me of a foggy peer somewhere with a nautical sense to it.

This isn't what I was expecting with this Signora Ward release, but I'm actually really into this.   I suppose this is why it is good for me to begin listening to everything from some of my favorite labels this year because you never really know what to expect.   You can have a general sense of what might happen but something like this will come along and change your mind, really just blow you away.

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