Thursday, February 8, 2018

Music Review:
(Discos Walden)

If you do not feel like you fully get the experience on "START/FINISH" after your first listen, I completely understand.  I had to listen to this a couple of times before I could figure out exactly what was going on.   Some of these songs are shorter than others and when you hear the electronics mixed with percussion you might begin to think that it is simple, minimal even, but the way these simple sounds combine can become rather complex.

At times, these songs can feel like a video game.  Other times they can feel like a soundtrack to a gypsy cab.    I'm not sure why exactly, but the song "TI" feels a lot like baseball to me.    While there can be an island feel, a calypso, there is also some distorted bass and overall, this begins to feel as if it is like a carnival only underwater.   And then it hits me.   Then I make the connection as to what this reminds me of most.

In many ways, the songs on "START/FINISH" remind me of the animated series "Spongebob Squarepants".    Now, I don't mean that in the sense that the opening theme is rowdy and sing along, but I mean more like the score of the show.    When they show the title sequence for the episode, the end credits, or even just when they go from one location to another within an episode and have that little bit of music-- that's what this JGG album reminds me of most, which is definitely not a bad thing because it brings me a feeling of both comfort and nostalgia.

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