Friday, February 2, 2018

Music Review:
I Hate You Just Kidding

Rather than think about why a band would be called I Hate You Just Kidding (Which, for the record, I would wear on a t-shirt) I'd simply like to state that despite their obvious difference in sound it would be interesting to see I Hate You Just Kidding and I Like You, Go Home do something together.   They have kind of similar names, don't you think?

The music of I Hate You Just Kidding is somewhere between modern dreampop and that grunge era rock from the 1990's that could be found on the "10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack.   Though there are likely more current peers than past, bands like that dog come to mind right away when listening and the song "Fallen" has a certain sense to it like the Cranberries' "Linger".    There is just a pure quality to this music which cannot be faked, even if sometimes it is being made with drum machines.

By the fourth song, there are male and female vocals, which then take turns during the song "Dreaming" and then later on trade off on lead or sometimes share the responsibility.    I'm not sure how a duo such as this would decide who gets to sing which part of which song but it's always interesting when you think "Oh, this song sounds like it will be all male vocals" and then the female vocals chime in.

Through a 1950's/1960's rock n roll sound ala Buddy Holly to something faster paced like Neon Trees without the synth, there is a lot of energy in these songs up until the end when they slow down.   The titular song comes back to female vocals after a bit of a break and it's just this big guitar chord number that I rightfully enjoy.    But that is just the overall vibe you get from I Hate You Just Kidding: the music is pleasant, too good to ignore.

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