Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Music Review:
Boogie Board
"Ferric Tape Noir"

The first time that I listened to "Ferric Tape Noir" I think I was surprised at how short it was.   I don't mean that in a "These songs should be longer!" way, but I mean that most of the songs on here seem to cut off rather than fade out in a traditional manner.   They're long enough so that they don't feel like fragments and do feel like actual songs, but then as I listen to this and sometimes just hear a guitar chord cut off I wonder about how anyone decides how to ever end a song.  Do you end it on a solid note or do you kind of let it drone out or do you let the bass line trail off... It's not something I want to face which is why I'm probably too much of a coward to be a musician myself.

The songs of Boogie Board, as the name Boogie Board would suggest, have a feel of surf rock to them overall.   I don't think that is a coincidence.   On one hand, I do feel like once you get that name Boogie Board in your head it might plant seeds where you go "Hey, this sounds like surf", but it is totally founded here because this isn't straight out Beach Boys or "Surfin' Bird" but it has elements of those related musical components.

With drum machines there are fast paced rock and this can even resemble The White Stripes or be garage at some point as well.   Though there are not only guitars in these songs the guitar is definitely the lead as these songs are rather guitar-heavy.     Another sort of garage/rock n roll influence I could hear in here is Priests but I don't know if anyone even knows them anymore.

One of these songs has vocals but only in the way that they sound more like syllables than actual words.   By the end there is a song with closer to sounding actual lyrics.   But overall these are instrumental and as I've already stated they are guitar-heavy so that seems to do a lot of the talking that lyrics otherwise might.   So for those who are fans of the guitar based pieces of rock n roll or if you just don't feel like you hear them enough (Or if you're like me and you feel like both apply to you) then this is an album you should be cranking, but I'm also hoping to gain a new perspective on this one when the sun is shining and it is summer.

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