Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Music Review:
"live 171117"
(attenuation circuit)

The first time that I listened to this piece I was walking and it was great because it has this gradual incline to it that makes you feel like you've launched into space and then somehow manage to stay there as well.

What begins with a growing space whirr synth can also be a building drone.   It reminds me of hicksoncompactgroup in a lot of ways.   It becomes wavy and then synth laser shots are being fired as we blast off into space.   There are beats and then this also gets into this space odyssey territory which reminds me a bit of David Bowie.

Louder now, these sort of vocals come breaking through the frequencies but they aren't exactly vocals so you'll have to hear them for yourself to try and see if you can tell what they are (or how you'd describe them exactly).    Robotic type of voices are more distinct though, as they can be greeted with pulsating beats and laser shots fired.

A deep drone is joined by drum machine beats.   This also has other elements forming into it, such as piano keys and something I imagine as being perhaps a xylophone.   There is an X-Files feel to it, though that one drone persists throughout this part.    The drone keys change slightly by the end, but only ever so slightly, and then they just kind of fade off into space.

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