Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Music Review:
"Tascam Love"

It's funny to me that this band is called AustraliA but they are from Italy.  You might think a band would be from the same place as their name but at the same time it doesn't really impact the music so does it even matter?

The songs on "Tascam Love" are like little albums in themselves.   It has that blue album by Weezer feel to it in that sense.  It can be really fuzzy and that reminds me of something I can't quite place.   It's parts Ok Go and Kings of Leon in a commercial sense but then it reminds me of an older band that is likely forgotten such as Reacharound.    The songs can be faster like punk or slower with drum machines like bedroom pop.   At times there is even a carnival sense to it all.

"My Light Is Shining" has a definite Jim Carroll vibe to it.   When I listen to this album I just think of something I can't quite put my finger on.   Something from back when country was being fused into rock music and bands like Halfacre Gunroom existed (This was some time in the early '00's)  But the fuzzy rock n roll can still have elements of something out there right now in an indie rock sense and that makes it awesome as well.

The last song is called "A Prayer To Accept Satan As My Lord And Savior" and it has that darker, NIN sort of synth based rock to it.   This is just an example that from start to finish you never really know what to expect on "Tascam Love" but the songs are all solid and flow together well on the whole.   It's one of these rare albums where you feel like you're listening to it for a long while but it goes by in no time at all.

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