Friday, February 9, 2018

Cassette Review:
matt luczak
"Never Concrete"

I know Matt Luczak because I've reviewed a cassette of his before, a joint venture with Lucas Brode, and I've been paying rather close attention to both of them and what they've been doing in music since "Duo".    Those two particular artists actually have this fourway thing on Orb Tapes that you should check out.    Not coincidentally, Bullshit Market has a cassette on Orb Tapes, but then Bullshit Market also has this split with Dental Work on which is a song called "Our Apologies To Matt Luczak".

Right away, "Never Concrete" begins with the squeals of a modem and screams of man.   There is this heavy static which makes it feel windy and then these sort of humming tones come into play as well.   The tones are then mixed in with the static in a certain rhythm where they start and stop.   The tones can even begin to sound like a horn of some sort.   I can't quite place what it would be because it's not quite a saxophone or a trumpet but perhaps it could be an eletronic variation of one of those.

The music takes this electronic turn into what sounds almost like an Atari game and then it also has this overall feel of pinball glitch to it as well.    This forms back into the general sounds of tones and static being manipulated in various patterns and shapes to create a unique piece of music.   It's just something that has these whirrs in it too, so at times it feels like he's just turning nobs on a radio to get the signal to come in louder or softer-- you know, that search for a strong signal.   It also kind of reminds me of how when I was a kid I used to play with the settings in my Dad's car of the bass and treble while the radio on, which I don't think anyone would appreciate.

On the flip side, it rips into harsh tones and there is sharpness.   It seems to pick up where Side A left off and then it gets quiet and I hear this single blip and it appears to end.   At this point, I think I'm listening to dead air, as the piece only returned for a few minutes and the rest of Side B is left blank.  However, when I check the movement of the cassette itself I see it has stopped.  I believe we have reached the end but when I take it out, the tape is coming out of the shell.   The tape seems to have been eaten by the tape player, so I get a pencil and pick up where I left off.

Screeching and loud static bursts take us into what sounds like being sucked into a vacuum and I'm not sure if it's the way the music is intended now or the cassette itself from what previously happened to it, but either way it makes for a cool effect and I'm just reminded as to why I prefer cassettes over other forms of music playback.   Words are spoken somewhat clearly and so I know now that the cassette itself is not being effected and what I'm hearing is intentional.

Through harsh, sharp feedback there is maniacal laughing.  These laser lightbulb sounds bring out more screaming than laughing now and it begins to remind me of Frankgoshit.   It's got this buzzing of bees quality but is just as heavily distorted and hard on my neighbors' ears (for which I'm not sorry because they're drunk and always yelling)   Beeps come out like R2D2 but also like nob twists and turns.    The buzz hums while static crackles until it seemingly gets cut off and this time the cassette did stop so it wasn't on error.

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