Friday, January 19, 2018

Music Review: QWAM "Feed Me"

I was first introduced to the music of QWAM by their single "Doggie Door", which is this over the top fun type of sing-along punk rock song.   It's just... I'm sitting here, typing this review before the release date of this EP and so as it stands right now I can see the five songs listed on the Bandcamp but the only one I can stream is "Doggie Door" and it's just such a great way to introduce yourself to this band.   If this single doesn't immediately make you want to listen to more songs by QWAM then we can't be friends anymore.

Now here is where things get interesting.   I always like to look at life from two different standpoints: before and after certain major life changes.   The last few months of 2017 were particularly tough for me.    An example of one of these life changes would be something like "Life before I was divorced and life after I'm divorced".   So many of these changes hit me all at once though, at the end of 2017.   So I had heard this EP and even fell in love with the song "Doggie Door" prior to moving, which was one of the worst/most stressful events in my life so far.   Listening to this before I moved and now that I have moved are two strangely different yet same things.

When I pressed play on a private stream of this, the first song "Feed Me" reminded me of the song "Belly Please" by Birthing Hips, but I'm not going to let that stop me from enjoying this because the more we promote women eating the better we all shall be.    As we then go further into this EP, really, you have to understand that you've already got two out of these five songs embedded into your brain in a way (Because, really, if I'm in the business of doing "radio singles" or whatever, the titular track is the next one to go to) so now there are only three songs left for you to hear and that small amount does make me sad.

About two weeks before this EP was to debut, "Dirty Feet" was released as a single.   If you haven't heard the song by now, it's this great sing along with big guitar chords.   At my mark, that puts three of these five songs out there as being "singles", even though "Feed Me" was never officially released I still think I spent a lot more time writing about it than I did the Kings of Leon feeling "Dirty Feet" (which it turns out is a compliment)    So, really, there are only two songs you may feel like you haven't heard going into this EP and they are both just as great.   If you've heard the majority of the songs on an EP before it's released though, you know the rest will only fall into place.   Besides, if you know what QWAM stands for, you know this one will be loud and in your face and that's just how I like it.

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